Local Snapshots

TANGLE BAY offers you with the Snap Service the possibility to get an up-to-date snapshot for Hornet nodes to shorten the time of synchronization considerably. Our service creates a new snapshot every hour and makes it available for download. If the last snapshot does not work, you will find the snapshots of the last 24 hours on the index page.

Overview - Mainnet Snapshots

TANGLE BAY Snapshots (permanent)

To use the snapshots of Tangle Bay permanently, the URL must be entered into config.json.

Code: config.json
"snapshots": {
"loadType": "local",
"local": {
"depth": 50,
"intervalSynced": 50,
"intervalUnsynced": 1000,
"path": "snapshots/mainnet/export.bin",
"downloadURL": "https://ls.tanglebay.org/mainnet/export.bin"

Download of the latest snapshot

Code: Mainnet
sudo -u hornet wget -O /var/lib/hornet/snapshots/mainnet/export.bin https://ls.tanglebay.org/mainnet/export.bin

Download an older snapshot

Important! Please replace "XXXXXXX" with the desired milestone

Code: Mainnet
sudo -u hornet wget -O /var/lib/hornet/snapshots/mainnet/export.bin https://ls.tanglebay.org/mainnet/export_XXXXXXX.bin