IOTA Faucet

With the IOTA Faucet I would like to support and create first points of contact for all those who have never had anything to do with IOTA before. The Faucet should enable the users to make first tests with a small amount of IOTA tokens, e.g. with the Trinity Wallet, and to gain first experiences in using the Tangle.

Every user can send once every 24h, maximum 1000i to an unused IOTA address and test with it. The faucet always shows the remaining available IOTA tokens.

Tangle Bay - IOTA Faucet

The Faucet uses the IOTA Payment Module and with that a huge shoutout goes out to Thoralf (Thoralf#3558) and Huhn (Huhn#0511), who are responsible for the development of this ingenious application)