In addition to the public community node, Tangle Bay also operates a cluster for its own fullnodes. This cluster differs a lot from a normal fullnode, because it connects all nodes operated by Tangle Bay via one access point.

How does the cluster work?

The cluster is preceded by a central access point via one of the largest Internet service providers in the world. This primarily ensures that we have an extremely high availability of the interface between the user and the cluster itself. This interface itself is the Cluster-0. Cluster-0 distributes the users to the load balancers.

The load balancers themselves are the actual heart of the cluster, because they intelligently distribute the users' requests to the full nodes and the POW nodes. The nodes are not overloaded, synchronous and of course reachable. Should a node show problems, the load balancers themselves do not forward any further requests to the weakened node and thus prevent a user error. If a node failed during a request, then the corresponding request is sent directly again to an available node, so that also here the user gets a positive answer and receives no error. The load balancers themselves are available in redundant form in order to avoid server failures and thus service failures and to guarantee a high availability. In addition, Tangle Bay also has a higher bandwidth, since each load balancer is connected to the network with a 1 GBit/s connection.

The nodes used by Tangle Bay within the load balancers are operated exclusively by reputable providers in order to guarantee corresponding performance and availability. In addition, each full node has at least 600 GB of hard disk space to provide users with the highest possible tangle history. For the future the number of nodes will be increased and hopefully two Hornet nodes and at least one AION node will be added.

Tangle Bay has two personal POW nodes so that not only the history of the tangles can be effectively made available to users, but also transactions can be sent quickly. These so-called FPGA Nodes can calculate the proof of work much faster than conventional servers and consume much less energy. So Tangle Bay does something good for the environment! Did you already know? Also our Fullnodes are operated with 100% green electricity!

All these components now form the Tangle Bay cluster and enable a very high availability, long Tangle history, very fast proof of work and also environmentally friendly with 100% green electricity.

How to use the cluster?

The cluster itself is not freely accessible as compared to the community node, but is protected by authentication. However, I offer every user the possibility to use the cluster for private purposes free of charge.

In cooperation with huhn from einfachIOTA we have developed a Proof of Concept, which for the first time enables access to a node via IOTA. This is done by means of a web application.

The corresponding user, who wants to use the cluster now, simply goes to the following page:

Get Cluster Access

On the page the user can now request the cluster access via "Get Cluster Access", if you should get there without wanting to have access, you can also just leave a tip. ;)

However, if the user should want access on purpose, he will be asked to specify a user name. This username will then be used for authentication on the cluster. After the username has been chosen, an IOTA receiving address is generated for the user, where he has to send at least one IOTA to legitimize himself (you are welcome to send more).

It is important that the page is not closed during the whole process, because as soon as the transaction is confirmed, the user will receive the access data: password and node address).

The access you now receive is always valid for 30 days and must then be requested again. This should protect Tangle Bay from account corpses.

How is the cluster financed?

As you have surely read above, the access to the cluster is not sold, because the legitimation is only at least 1 IOTA and therefore has no value. The cluster as well as the community node is operated privately and without any business interest.

So that the cluster can be operated and expanded in the long run, I am happy about any support. Every support flows back into the project and thus benefits the ecosystem again.

If you want to support me, just write me in Discord (NO8ODY#9999) or for a tip just visit the tip page or with the Cluster Access where you can use any higher amount of IOTA.

Many thanks for reading this and the support from some of the community members! #IOTAstrong #CommunityLove

Cluster Overview

Node-0IRI 1.8.2-RELEASEGermany
Node-1IRI 1.8.2-RELEASEGermany
Node-2IRI 1.8.2-RELEASEGermany
Node-3IRI 1.8.2-RELEASEGermany

Cluster Diagram