Dear Tangle Bay users and the IOTA community,

Today I have sad news for you. After 2 years of running TANGLE BAY, today is the time to announce the discontinuation of the primary operation of TANGLE BAY. This concerns mainly the services SWARM-Pool, SWARM-Register, SWARM-Score, Faucet, Confirmer, Comnet Snapshots.

The services will be turned off on 15 July 2020.

You are probably wondering why the services are switched off. This was certainly not an easy decision for me, because I have always loved what I do and because it gave me a lot of pleasure. Unfortunately, the time and especially the financial aspect is no longer acceptable for me to continue to provide the services in the quality I had in mind.

At this point I would also like to thank some people who have actively supported me during this time and without them the services of TANGLE BAY would not have been possible.

First of all I would like to thank Huhn (huhn#8105), who continued einfachIOTA for me and made it an even better project. Furthermore he was significantly involved in the first BETA of the Pool Donations and was always available with help and advice.

Secondly I would like to thank mio (mio#7632), without him the SWARM pool would not have been possible and his application, which was just an experiment, helped many users and especially node operators. Thanks again for this.

The third in the group is Thoralf (Thoralf#3558), whom I would also like to thank very much for his help. He started out as a normal member of the IOTA community and today he is one of the most active and helpful developer of the IOTA ecosystem I know. For example he wrote the Confirmer, without which some people wouldn't get their transactions confirmed and he also wrote the registry service which was used in SWARM.

Fourthly I would like to thank Oostech (Oostech#6884), who was a huge help for TANGLE BAY despite less time, by writing the score service which allowed us to release a small ranking within SWARM. Thanks a lot for your time and effort!

Last but not least I would also like to thank MARTIN (Martin N#8948) and PIOTA (PIOTA#5143), who have been very active in the Telegram group and which I was allowed to use as beta tests for extensions of HLM. Furthermore they were and are always there with advice and help for the IOTA community. For this also a big thank you to you both.

TANGLE BAY will not disappear completely, because the Entrynode will remain, so that you will always have a safe entry point into the Tangle as a node operator.

So now I would like to thank all the others who supported me during the active time and whom I have not mentioned now. Many, many thanks to you!

I wish all participants of IOTA of course further success for the future and especially for their own projects.

Best regards,