About Tangle Bay


TangleBay itself operates several own node servers and thus its own network to make it too easy for users to interact with the Tangle. The main focus is on high availability and speed. As a non-commercial provider of a Tangle Access Point (TAP), Tangle Bay is one of the fastest and most reliable ways.

In addition to normal node servers, we currently also have two proof-of-work nodes, which enable us to perform proof-of-work in an environmentally friendly and faster way than conventional servers.

The project is supported by other projects and of course by the great IOTA community. Furthermore, Tangle Bay continues to strive to improve and expand the service.

For the community itself, there is a public node pool, where each node operator can add his node and make it available to the community. However, the node operator does not have to fear that his IP or the server is directly exposed to the end user.

Tangle Bay acts as a kind of intermediary that communicates between the end user and the node. Of course, it is very important to us that we do not endanger the decentralization of the network, but only offer a TAP.For the Tangle Bay Cluster, we have created a separate portal for the access, because the TangleBay Nodes can only be used with an authentication.

History of Tangle Bay

Tangle Bay is the product from a previous project. When I simply foundedIOTA, I didn't focus directly on nodes. At that time I only had a small private node for my own use. But with the growth of einfachIOTA came the desire to give the community a way to give a stable node as easy as possible. At that time, I was already in contact with a community developer who had started programming a software specifically written for load balancing IOTA nodes.

Together we set up the first load balancer for einfachIOTA and this was the birth of the einfachIOTA Community Node Pool. Many node operators welcomed this alternative to the former field, as it already showed some difficulties and was finally switched off.

The node pool was and is primarily known by German node operators, but also some international nodes have joined the pool, because the pure API queries are still fast enough for daily use.

After simplyIOTA developed into a News & Explanation project, the pool didn't fit into it anymore and so after a while it split from simplyIOTA. Tangle Bay was created and ran independently as a daughter project under einfachIOTA.

When I left the project as founder and manager of einfachIOTA, Tangle Bay went with me as well, because I am really passionate about this project and this is what I am good at administering servers.

At Tangle Bay there were always high and low and sometimes I didn't know if the operation was still worth it. Many nodes went offline because the operators couldn't afford the nodes anymore or they didn't maintain them properly. Furthermore, the use of end users is rapidly decreasing.

But the community has held together and now there are many nodes in the bay which have been part of the project for a long time and the usage has increased again.

Tangle Bay recently enjoyed the support of two own FPGA nodes for Proof of Work and is one of the few nodes in the IOTA network to offer the possibility to do POW quickly, efficiently and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, Tangle Bay operates its own high availability cluster, which is also available for POW nodes, and its own nodes, which are protected against failure by special mechanisms. The nodes also have more storage space than most other nodes, which makes it possible to provide a larger part of the tangle for the users.

Since the cluster was not directly available for the end users until now, there is now the possibility to get authentication by requesting user data via the specially created portal.

I hope to be able to expand Tangle Bay in the future, both for the Tangle Bay Cluster and the Community Bay and thus continue to offer the community one of the most stable nodes in the IOTA ecosystem.


If you have suggestions or questions or want to support me, you can always contact me via Discord (NO8ODY#9999).

Thank you very much for using the services of Tangle Bay and supporting me as well as the community! #IOTAstrong #IOTALove