The community node of Tangle Bay is from the community and for the community. Tangle Bay provides the corresponding access point for clients as well as for the node operators.

The community offers several advantages for the user. Many people who actively work with the Trinity Wallet may know that nodes often do not work and that the Wallet displays error messages and denies the service.

With the community nodes the days are over!

Due to the large number of nodes in this pool, we always assign you an available node and sometimes even distribute the requests to several nodes, so that you don't get an error that the node is not available again. If a node doesn't answer or takes too long, we will send the request to another node again. This allows the community to provide an efficient solution to simply work with the Trinity Wallet.

Furthermore, some community members also provide their own POW nodes, so that we can still guarantee fast POWs even with larger requests.

The community pool also offers great advantages for node operators. The gateway protects all deposited nodes from overload and analyzes the behavior. If a node takes too long to respond or does not provide a response, it is automatically released from balancing for a certain period of time until it has recovered. In addition, node operators no longer need to make the address of their node completely publicly available, since users only know the IP of the Tangle Bay server and communicate with it. Node operators therefore have less to worry about direct attacks.

If you also want to support the community, I would be very happy to welcome you and your node as part of the Tangle Bay community. Thanks a lot!

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