Services for the IOTA network.


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TANGLE BAY also operates its own Entrynode, which is required for the autopeering of Hornet nodes. These nodes must be trustworthy and highly available, so that the network is always secure. To increase the number of such Entrynodes, TANGLE BAY provides an Entrynode for the Mainnet as well as for the Comnet.

Local Snapshots

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In order for Hornet nodes to synchronize on the current milestones, it requires the so-called snapshot files. These contain the information of the previous tangle and thus enable a fast synchronization. Snapshots are available for the IOTA mainnet.


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The Hornet-Light-Manager (short HLM) is intended to provide the operators of a Hornet node with the possibility to easily install and administer it. It also offers the possibility to install a reverse proxy for SSL encryption automatically or to participate in the SWARM project.

Tangle Bay is not affiliated with the IOTA Foundation.